Saturday, February 15, 2014

By Sharing Your Romance....You Are Killing It

Share it Please
I'm all about social media. It's fun to share ideas and to have discussions, it makes keeping in touch with friends and family a little bit easier, it's interesting to see the things that others share, etc. But there are some things that shouldn't be shared on facebook, twitter, and other social media websites. In my opinion, every detail of people's romantic relationships shouldn't be gushed about online. Rather, they should be kept private and sacred.

With yesterday having been Valentine's Day, we've all seen tons of Valentine's Day related posts for a few days or so, and now today we're all seeing the aftermath. Observing all of this, I've realized that social media really is killing romance. Personally, I think it's fine to post a quick little picture of the two of you together and caption it, "Me and my Valentine!" or to write a little something sweet to your partner on his/her "facebook wall".  However, today people are out of control, posting pictures of the gifts that their lover bought them or gushing every detail about their romantic night. Come on people, there is nothing less romantic than that. I've seen people post, "I have the best Valentine ever! ______ got me _____, _______,_______ and ______!"  The most shocking is that I've even seen close up pictures of cards that girls have put online so we can all read what their boyfriend/husband wrote to them. I've also seen photos of the bedroom. Girls have taken photos of their bedroom that their partner has beautifully decorated with roses, chocolates, candles, and oils and shared them with everybody online. Please tell me how this is romantic. I would really like to know.

What happened to taking pictures of things like that for your scrapbook or to keep the memory of that moment for yourselves? Why do we now feel like these things should be shared with everybody online? If your man (or woman) wanted the world to read what they wrote in their card or to get a detailed report of everything they did for you yesterday...they would have put it online themselves. I know that a lot of people are going to get offended by this, seeing as a lot of people have posted things like this today, but it's honestly just something I can't stand seeing and I think it's a lot more damaging than people think it is. I don't want anybody to feel embarrassed or wrong for (over)sharing their relationships, I just want people to question why they're doing it. Why are you making sweet Valentine's Day gifts for your partner? Are you doing it because you love them and you want to show them that, or are you doing it because it would make a cute faceook photo? Are you doing it so you can get credit from others? Are you photographing these moments so you can keep those memories vivid forever, or are you photographing them so you can share it on facebook? And most importantly, if you are choosing to share these on yourself why. Are you trying to prove that you and your partner are happy together? If so, who are you trying to prove it to and why? Nobody needs this proof besides the two of you. Are you trying to make others jealous? Why? Those things aren't what Valentine's Day is about, those things aren't what being in a relationship is about.

I had a fantastic Valentine's Day and I did what I consider to be the proper thing to do, kept it private. However, the proper thing is slowly drifting away from also being the "normal" thing. Now it's considered normal to post close-ups of the card your partner wrote for you, post pictures of every gift they buy you throughout the year, post screen shots of the sweet texts they send you, post pictures of them doing sweet things from you...literally every detail of your relationship. And we're always wondering why relationships don't seem to last anymore. It's because there is no privacy, no intimacy, no genuine romance, nothing. If you're in a relationship these days, it better be loud and proud on social media or things must just not be going well.

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