Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Where is your attention going?

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Sometimes I have to stop and take a look at where my focus has been. I think many of us need to remind ourselves often to pay more attention to what we've got. Love and appreciate what you have in your life and who you're sharing it with and it'll leave no room to think about what you don't have. The second you start to think about things you "don't have" or trivial things in life, try to re-direct your focus to the people and things around you that bring you true happiness.

This goes for everything. Pay more attention to what you're currently doing to reach your goals and less on where other people are "at" in life, how much they're making, or the house they live in. Pay more attention to what's going on in the lives and minds of your friends and less on the latest celebrity gossip. Pay more attention to your girlfriend or boyfriend (husband or wife) and all the great things they bring to your life, and less on their "shortcomings" and flaws, or the "hot girls" or "hot guys" at the gym. Pay more attention to today and less on tomorrow. Be appreciative.

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