Saturday, April 26, 2014

Do Good for the Sake of Doing Good

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I can't help but notice that very few people do good deeds just for the sake of doing good anymore. It seems like nobody can pay for a stranger's coffee, hand a homeless man some change, put a quarter in a parking meter that's about to expire, donate money to a charity, or any kind act without immediately posting it all over social media to get that extra bit of validation, that virtual pat on the back or, "Aw you're such a good person!" comment.

No, it's not bad to share kind things that you do with others, but it seems like some people do these things solely so they can tell others. It seems like telling their friends about the nice thing they did that day is more gratifying to them than doing the deed itself, and that's saddening. I've donated to charities before and a few times I've posted things like, "Hey I just helped out by donating to _____. Check out their website, and if you're able, maybe you can help out too!" If I inform others that I've donated to a charity or done something kind it's always in a way that I'm urging them to do so as well, never just boasting about how "good of a person I am" or seeking validation from my peers online.

As some of you know, I volunteer for the local Humane Society and I talk about that a lot (here I am talking about it again). However, it's something I consider a big part of my life and a passion of mine, so of course I'm going to talk about it. I love posting pictures of the animals and sharing stories about the cute or silly things they did that day. This kind of thing needs attention though because these animals do, shining light on them is the only way they're going to get adopted. I don't do these things so others will tell me I'm a good person, I do it for the animals. And I guess that's what I'm getting at, make sure you're doing good things for the right reasons. If you find yourself posting online each time you do a good deed, just slow down and ask yourself why you're sharing that with everyone? Are you sharing it because it made you feel good and you want to encourage others to engage in random acts of kindness or charity as well? Or are you posting it because you crave the attention and positive feedback or affirmation?

A friend actually opened my eyes to this a few months ago. I don't remember the conversation we were having at the time, but I think it was almost random how he started venting about people who can't do a good deed without making sure everybody knows about it. I went to bed that night and laid there thinking about times I might have shared things I did to make myself feel or look like a better person in the eyes of others. Ever since then I have focused a lot more on doing the right thing simply because it's the right thing to do, or to help out others...not to share it so others can build up my ego.


  1. I agree. Especially on just doing a good deed a day. It's really not that hard to be considerate, even if it is for a second. I think it feels good to do good and attention shouldn't be your motive.

    1. Exactly! Glad some people feel like I do! :D




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